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This blog started out with "about me" in the title. My whole life has been "about me". I hope that the entries that I make will be about the Spirit and how He has changed my life because it has always been about Him and how He works through us.

Friday, September 28, 2007

"Just a young boy..."


A single shot in the dark rang out,
on that cold and dreary night;
Running ,screaming they began to shout
nothing but heartache, chaos and fright.

Feeling so lost in fear and pain,
alone in my despair;
There was no one but Satan there to reign
never thinking that You would be there.

A dying child I held with dread,
a small hole in his chest;
helplessness, grief and tears as I plead
please, please don’t put me through this test!

“Dear God, please help me” I cried aloud,
so insecure, so full of doubt;
I was no longer vain, I was no longer proud
we faced this alone, there was no way out.

He in my arms took his final breath,
so very small, an angelic face;
I looked into his eyes and saw only death
just a young boy...so full of Grace.

Suddenly I knew that You were there,
I heard but a whisper inside my heart;
where my feelings lay bare
as I stood there spent, unable to part.

“From earthly things he now will go,
no longer hurting, no longer in pain;
he’s with Me now and I love him so
through my Son’s salvation, heaven he will gain.”

In all this anguish, pain and fear,
into my heart You come, like a dove;
like a soft wind, the Spirit appear,
to show me the infinity of Your love.

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