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This blog started out with "about me" in the title. My whole life has been "about me". I hope that the entries that I make will be about the Spirit and how He has changed my life because it has always been about Him and how He works through us.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This Summer

What a summer we've had! First, had our beautiful first grand daughter Rocky, graduate high school. It was wonderful being there with her that weekend. I was so proud of her, she is so beautiful. Next, we had to say goodbye to my number two daughter, four of my grandchildren and a wonderful son-in-law. Standby Denver the LeBon/Johnson clan have invaded your beautiful mountains and serene valleys. Denver, you should be celebrating because we are a proud lot...and nothing comes before family! Next, Mom had her problems with her heart. Everything is going very well. Anyone that doesn't believe in modern miracles hasn't heard this story of a loving mom that found she had heart problems through her annual physical.
Next, we're going HOME to Maryland to be there when our number three daughter, Julie has her baby boy (wishful thinking). I'm looking forward to the trip. I just love Hampstead and can't wait to sit on the back deck in the morning as the deer graze along the hillside.
Then, we're off to Spoken where I'll be dancing at my son's wedding. Then you will see why I have the nickname "twinkle-toes". I can't wait to meet my future daughter-in-laws parents. I'm so proud of my son, he's turned out to be quite a man. I'm not sure but it looks like we'll be coming by train unless the airfare comes down.
Then, sometime this year, before the snow flies, I want to take a trip to Denver and spend some time with the Johnson's. All this, and the gas prices are going through the roof! Oh well, this is what retirement is suppose to be about.

Love to you all!


Chris said...

Hey Dad! Love your post. You've had a busy summer so far, and it looks to be a fun-filled one in the coming months. Lots of changes for the LeBon family this summer, but isn't that what life is about? We've had so sadness, some scares, but lots of joy, too. I'll be so proud to call Maja my sis-in-law, and to slobber some kisses on Luci (oh, yeah..on you, too, bro). And I can't wait to see Julie's number 3! He/she will be just as beautiful as her girls. I wonder if he/she will have brown or blue eyes...And Raquel...I'm so happy and excited for her, too. Can't wait to hear about college life, and what she'll be doing with her future. The whole world is open to her.
Personally...I can't wait for visitors!! Can't wait to show everyone this beautiful place.

Julie B said...

Yes, its been a busy summer and our family has definitely been going through some changes!
We are looking forward to your visit-the girls are so excited. "Wishful thinking" for a boy? A girl will be just as special! We are just hopeful for a healthy baby, maybe without the food allergies, or at least have the same food allergies. Those are our wishes...boy, girl, it doesn't really matter!

The Spirit said...

I knew I was going to be rebuked on the boy/girl comment. Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, I didn't mean that a pretty little girl wouldn't be just as welcome as a little boy. I know that sometimes I hurt others feelings or don't know what is the right thing to say and I'm sorry for that...

The Spirit said...

we're leaving next week for Baltimore. I can't wait to see my two (three?) east-coast girls and pull them around the neighborhood in their wagon!